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Product Description

Equipment: They are innovated symmetrical arrayed highspeed synchronous gears, and are made from global standard gear steel. When compared with frequent gears, they are far more wearable and steadier, and far more laborsaving.
Chain: Adopts higher powerful chain and substantial precision welding engineering, fulfill ISO3077-1984 intercontinental regular Matches for gusty overload function problems Takes your palms a greater sensation Multi-angle operation(with 45° ).
Hook: Produced of higher-course alloy metal, it has higher strength and higher safety By utilizing newy desing, w8 will never escape.
Limit Switch: Utilizing restrict change comp1nt in designation to protect chain and make certain stability.
Comp1nts: Major comp1nts are all made of high-course alloy metal, with large precision and safety.
Framework: Slight style and much more lovely With less w8 and more compact function region.
Plastic Plating: By adopting sophisticated plastic plating engineering within and outdoors, it lookslike a new 1 after several years of procedure.
Encloser: Manufactured of higher-classed metal, much more firmly and dexterous.

Product   CH-WD0.5 CH-WD1 CH-WD1.five CH-WD2 CH-WD3 CH-WD5 CH-WD10
Capacity(Ton)   .5 one 1.5 2 3 five 10
Standard lift(M)   two.5 two.five 2.5 two.five 3 3 three
Running Test Load(T)   .seventy five one.five two.twenty five 3 4.5 7.5 15
No.of falls of Load Chain   1 1 1 1 1 2 four
Load Chain Diamter(MM)   5 6 8 10 9 9
Diamensions(MM) a 132 151 173 175 176 189 189
b 148 172 196 210 230 280 463
c 23 27 33 35 39 forty five 54
d 35 forty forty five 50 55 sixty five 75
  Hmin 345 376 442 470 565 688 765
Net W8(Kg)   eleven 12.5 seventeen.eight 19.5 32 forty one.three seventy eight.eight

Movable Pulley: A pulley that rotates and translates according to the motion of the pulley or belt. This is normally utilized in blocking and deal with methods, which I will clarify afterwards.
Idler: A driven wheel that does not transmit electrical power by means of a shaft. It spins freely, and most driven pulleys are connected to other equipment, this sort of as wheels or drives, by means of driveshafts.

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