China best 1 Ton Electric CZPT Chain Pulley Block for Lifting Goods OEM

Item Description

1 Ton Electric powered CZPT Chain Pulley Block for Lifting Items




  1. .5~fifty ton lifting capacity
  2. With higher hook (fastened) or with trolley
  3. Solitary/Double pace option
  4. Shell: aluminum alloy
  5. Chain: substantial high quality G80
  6. Chain container: canvas / iron
  7. Equipment & chain wheel: alloy steel + heat remedy
  8. Hooks: warmth forging+heat treatment method
  9. Chain diameter: 6.3~eleven.2mm (as for each different capacities)
  10. Motor rotate velocity:1440r/min(solitary speed),  2880/960 r/min(double speed),
  11. Standard chain length: 3m (can be customized)
  12. Energy specification:200~690V,fifty/60HZ,3 Period
  13. Secure voltage:24V/36V/48V
  14. Button swap:2/4/6/8 buttons option
  15. Insulation quality:F course
  16. Security course: IP55
  17. Working group:M4
  18. Operating temperature: -40ºC ~ +40ºC
  19. OEM appropriate
  20. Custom-made logo appropriate
  21. Bundle: plywood scenario
  22. Guarantee: 2 a long time for mechanical parts, 1 yr for electric areas


Single Speed  Technical Parameters
Model  SSDHL
.5-01S 01-01S 1.5-01S 02-01S 02-02S two.5-01S 03-01S 03-02S 03-03S 05-02S
Capability (t) .5t 1t  one.5t 2t 2.5t 3t 5t
Lifting Speed (m/min) seven.2 six.six 8.8 six.six 3.3 5.4 5.4 4.four 2.2 two.7
Motor Power (Kw) .8  1.5  3.0  three.0  one.5  3.0  three.0  three.0  one.5  three.0 
Rotation Speed (r/min) 1440
Insulation Grade F
Power Supply 3P 220V ~ 690V
Control Voltage 24V/36V/48V
No. of Chain 1 one one one two one one two three two
Spec. of Load Chain  ø6.3 ø ø10. ø10. ø7.1 ø11.2 ø11.2 ø10. ø7.1 ø11.two
Net W8 (Kg) forty seven 61 108 one hundred fifteen 73 a hundred and fifteen 122 131 eighty five 151



Dual Speed  Technical Parameters
Model  SSDHL
.5-01D 01-01D one.5-01D 02-01D 02-02D two.5-01D 03-01D 03-02D 03-03D 05-02D
Capacity (t) .5t 1t  one.5t 2t 2.5t 3t 5t
Lifting Speed (m/min) seven.2/2.4 6.9/2.3 nine./3. six.9/2.3 three.3/ five.4/1.eight five.41.eight four.5/1.five 2.4/.eight two.7/.9
Motor Power (Kw) .8/.27 1.8/.six 3./1. 3./1. 1.8/.six three./1. 3./1. three./1. 1.8/.six 3./1.
Rotation Speed (r/min) 2880/960
Insulation Grade F
Power Supply 3P 220V ~ 690V
Control Voltage 24V/36V/48V
No. of Chain 1 one 1 one 2 one one two 3 2
Spec. of Load Chain  ø6.3 ø7.1 ø10. ø10. ø7.1 ø11.two ø11.2 ø10. ø7.1 ø11.two
Net W8 (Kg) fifty four 74 one hundred forty four 150 86 148 159 168 102 184

Company Profile

TXK was founded in 1997 and is a major manufacturer of lifting and materials dealing with equipments with practically 20 several years experience. We provide quality, safe and secure items to meet up with the highest industrial standards. We are ISO9001:2008 accredited organization, our goods are GS, CE certified, serving all spheres of sector in the planet.

Our brand CZPT is well offered in much more than fifty nations around the world globally and has gained an enviable popularity for high high quality merchandise. With our professional R&D group, we are capable to supply customization companies with the most specialist top quality and by no means end conference the highest regular of basic safety.

TXK will by no means quit becoming as an innovation company. We will continue to develop and ex10d our goods selection with high quality, safety common and extended life usage.


Active Pulley: The “input” pulley in a twin-pulley method. The shaft of this pulley is pushed by something like a motor, a crank, or maybe an additional pulley in larger programs. This pulley controls the movement of the belt.
In a compound pulley program, there is both a movable pulley and a fixed pulley. This signifies that not only does the load “truly feel” lighter, but you can also adjust the course of the pressure. Although this variety of configuration can transfer heavy hundreds very easily, it will come at the value of requiring very a little bit of motion to do the work.

China best 1 Ton Electric CZPT Chain Pulley Block for Lifting Items     OEM