China Best Sales Good Price 0.5ton 2.5meter Chain Pulley Block Best Sales

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Very good Value .5ton 2.5meter Chain Pulley Block

HSCB chain block features:

one.Gear Case and Hand Wheel Cover Resistant to Exterior Shocks:
Each sides of the hoist are protected with a thick steel equipment situation, processed with the highest degree engineering, and with a strengthened wheel cover. They have an excellent condition and rigidity to preserve bearing alignment and stand up to exterior shock.
two.Double Enclosure to Maintain Out Rainwater and Dust:
The braking mechanism, which can make up coronary heart of the hoist, is enclosed in a double include: the wheel and the brake covers. These protective covers not only preserve out weather conditions factors but also support to prevent mud and dust from moving into inner mechanisms.
three.Double Pawl Spring System to Even more Enhance of Sureness:
In circumstance a single of Pawl spring is broken, the other maintains its functions. This mechanism more will increase sureness.
four.Positive and CZPT Mechanical Brake:
USZHY’s dry variety asbestos-totally free Mechanical Brake makes certain powerful brake efficiency.
five.Hooks for Easy Work:
Specifically warmth handled leading and base hooks have enough sCZPT and toughness for difficult occupation. The layout of the bottom hook, with fairly massive proportions, makes it straightforward to stabilize a load in appropriate place.
Bottom Yoke with Safeguarding Guard features a guard safeguarding the chain pin & nut from injury, maximizing protection.
6.Bearing Mechanism to Improve Mechanical Efficiency:
Use of unique ball and needle bearings remarkably increases mechanical performance and makes high output electricity with least guide input.
seven.Load Chain Xihu (West Lake) Dis. System:
Chain guide system in flanged load sheave and manual roller aid sleek movement of the load chain.
eight.Stopper Stops Excessive Lowering:
9.Ultra Powerful Load Chain (Nickel plated)

VD chain block pics:


HSZ-CB Chain Block Requirements
Model HSZ-CB
Capacity T 1 one.five 2 3 five ten
Common lifting top M two.5 two.five two.5 3 three three
Load chain No. of falls one one 1 1 1 4
Dimenshon 6*eighteen seven.1*21 eight*24 10*30 ten*30 ten*30
Force of complete load 250 265 335 372 360 380
N.W/G.W Kg 14.5/fourteen sixteen.5/17 19.5/twenty.1 32/34 forty one.1/forty three.6 75.7/
Dimension A 149 176 176 231 249 463
B 153 173 173 185 185 185
C 29 35 35 39 forty nine 54
D 41 51 51 forty nine 67 seventy five
Hmin 352 385 385 445 615 765
Added bodyweight for each 1m lift kg .eight one.1 one.four 2.two three.8 eight.eight

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Our organization information:
HangZhou CZPT Hositing Machinery plant is situated in the donglv village,we have 23 sets of Automatic chain creation tools .

We specializes in producing standard weighty responsibility lifting chain (φ4 -φ26), including European Standard chain for rigging, electrical block chain and also undertake other specific regular chain. Every lifting chain we made was inspected by our experienced technician who experienced over twenty a long time investigation and making lifting chain knowledge, and we also use stringent good quality control screening program to ensure the products’ balance and longevity. 

As the 2nd premier chain company, our other hoisting machineries have a huge value edge. For hoisting, shifting, pulling, driving and conveying, our Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n lifting implies, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n hoist chains, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n Chain block and Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n Electric powered hoist are a ensure of top quality, innovation and safety.

We looking forward to your inquiry and hope we can have great businessrelationship in potential!

Lively Pulley: The “input” pulley in a dual-pulley program. The shaft of this pulley is driven by one thing like a motor, a crank, or perhaps one more pulley in larger techniques. This pulley controls the motion of the belt.

China Best Sales Good Price 0.5ton 2.5meter Chain Pulley Block     Best Sales