China Free Design Custom 220V 380V 400V 440V 1 Phase or 3 Phase Electric Chain Pulley Block factory

Product Description

Item Description

one. Enclosure: The casing is gentle and durable. Higher warmth dissipation. The totally sealed style is appropriate
for use in environments with very poor functioning circumstances.
two. Reverse section protection unit: It is a special electrical gadget.
When the electricity supply wiring is wrong, the handle circuit are not able to perform.
three. Limit change: There is a limit swap unit for lifting and lifting the hefty item, so that the motor
stops immediately to stop the chain from exceeding and making sure safety.
four. Reduced-voltage handle swap: The handle reduced-voltage management 36V system can stop mishaps
when the switch leaks for the duration of procedure.
5 Brake gadget: The brake is braked by disc DC electromagnetic subject, the braking torque is massive,
stable, rapid and lower sound.
six. Chain: 80 grade super heat-taken care of alloy metal chain helps make the chain much more difficult and more
durable. It makes certain security throughout work.

Solution Parameters

Lift motor Travelling pace I-beam
Phase Volt
01-01 1 3 six.8/2.3 1.5 3 380 50 .four 11/21 380 68-one hundred thirty
01-02 1 three three.9/1.two three 380 fifty .4 eleven/21 380 68-a hundred thirty
02-01 two three 6.8/2.two three. 3 380 50 .4 11/21 380 82-153
02-02 two 3 3.4/ one.5 three 380 50 .4 11/21 380 eighty two-153
03-01 three three 5.6/1.eight 3. three 380 50 .75 eleven/21 380 82-153
03-02 3 three 5.8/ three. 3 380 50 .seventy five 11/21 380 eighty two-153
05-02 5 3 2.8/.nine 3. 3 380 fifty .seventy five 11/21 380 one hundred-178

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Redirect your dual climbing strains with ISC’s dual redirect pulley. This is the easiest way to redirect double lines, with swinging aspect panels and side-by-facet aluminum pulleys. With the wiggling cheek layout, this enhances the redirect setup properly. Switch on the pulley, tap the rope on each legs to link it and redirect it to the ideal line angle for a lot more efficiency. The sloped style of the higher panel retains the rope pulley and managing appropriately. Produced of lightweight aluminum, this pulley is beautiful and compact, so it will not take up also significantly place on your belt.
Loafer: A driven wheel that does not transmit electrical power via a shaft. It spins freely, and most pushed pulleys are connected to other products, this sort of as wheels or drives, by means of driveshafts.

China Free Design Custom 220V 380V 400V 440V 1 Section or 3 Section Electrical Chain Pulley Block     factory