China Hot selling Leitai 1ton Manufacturer Portable Hand Pulley Ratchet Level Block Engineering

Merchandise Description

1.Manual Lever CZPT ,Design HSH-A Kind
The HSH-A collection lever hoist can be widely used for products installation,lifting and tightening items ,dragging loads in factories,mines,construction internet sites,power crops,boat manufacturing and many is an ideal device specially in slim area,open air and over-head places for pulling and stretching at angle.


Cast hooks with bolstered protection latch

High top quality powder coating

reduced-use sintered brake linings

Load wheel with needle bearing

Substantial spare parts and servicing provider


Model Rated Load
Standard Carry
Proof Load
Effort Necessary to Elevate Rated Load
NO.of  Load Chain Tumble Strains Load Chains Dimensions(mm) N.W
Extra Weight
For every Meter of Extra Raise(kg)
HSH-A75 .75 1.5 eleven a hundred and forty 1 six 148 88 135 37 320 26 290 7.7 .8
HSH-A150 1.5 1.5 240 one eight 176 102 162 forty five 380 32.5 420 11.8 1.four
HSH-A300 three 1.five forty four.1 320 1 ten 195 109 211 fifty 480 38 420 21 2.two
HSH-A600 6 1.5 88.2 340 2 ten 195 109 254 64 620 forty eight 420 32 four.four
HSH-A900 nine 1.5 132.three 360 3 10 195 109 319 eighty five seven hundred fifty 420 forty seven six.six

Workshop 5S administration

Redirect your dual climbing traces with ISC’s twin redirect pulley. This is the least difficult way to redirect double lines, with swinging facet panels and facet-by-side aluminum pulleys. With the wiggling cheek style, this enhances the redirect setup properly. Switch on the pulley, tap the rope on equally legs to join it and redirect it to the best line angle for much more efficiency. The sloped style of the higher panel retains the rope pulley and working correctly. Produced of lightweight aluminum, this pulley is gorgeous and compact, so it will not just take up way too much area on your belt.

China Hot selling Leitai 1ton Manufacturer Portable Hand Pulley Ratchet Level Block     Engineering