China manufacturer Heavy Duty Single or Double Sheeve Snatch Block Pulley Standard

Product Description

*Ability kind .5t to 5t
*Solitary sheave and double sheave are available
*Aspect opening hyperlink permits rapid, easy insertion of rope or cable CZPT threading
*Shackle solid to ensure the top quality, nodular cast iron wheel.
*2 occasions check load and 4 instances crack load.

  DIA(MM) (T) A B C D (KG) DIA(MM)
YBO75X1 seventy five .5 230 eighty five 26 12 1.5 eight
YBO100X1 100 1 285 121 34 sixteen 1.nine eight
YBO125X1 one hundred twenty five one.five 346 one hundred forty five 38 18 3.6 9
YBO150X1 one hundred fifty two 419 180 forty one 22 six 12
YBO200X1 200 4 517 225 forty six 28 12.5 16
YBO250X1 250 5 655 275 60 28 sixteen 22
YBO75X2 seventy five .5 230 eighty five fifty twelve 8
YBO100X2 100 one 285 121 61 sixteen 3 8
YBO125X2 125 one.5 355 a hundred forty five 73 eighteen five.9 9
YBO150X2 150 2 365 one hundred eighty 83 22 nine 12
YBO200X2 two hundred 4 517 225 93 28 17.5 16
YBO250X2 250   600 275 a hundred and fifteen 28 28.6 22

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In a compound pulley method, there is both a movable pulley and a fixed pulley. This signifies that not only does the load “really feel” lighter, but you can also adjust the course of the force. Although this variety of configuration can go large loads really very easily, it arrives at the value of requiring fairly a bit of movement to do the job.
We have a broad 1/2″ rope capacity pulley for useful redirection, light rigging, rescue, and mechanical gain programs. We have more pulleys in the subsequent back links numerous of them also make as good as the kinds under Tiny pulley.

China manufacturer Heavy Duty Single or Double Sheeve Snatch Block Pulley     Standard