China supplier Tyd Small Size Hand 3 Ton Manual Chain Hoist Pulley Block Great quality

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TYD tiny dimensions hand 3 ton handbook chain hoist pulley block

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VT Kind Chain Block is a portable lifting system effortlessly operated by hand. It is suited for use in factories, mines, farms, construction websites, agricultural creation, and in wharfs, docks and storages for repairing machines, lifting cargos, and loading and unloading items. 

It is particularly advantageous for lifting perform in the open air and areas exactly where no electrical power provide is available. 

The chain block can be attached to a trolley of any type as a traveling chain block. It is suitable to monorail overhead conveying technique, handtravelling crane and jib crane. 


Security, dependable in operation with minimal maintenance 

High effiency and small hand pull 

Gentle weight and simple handling 

Good physical appearance with small size 

Durability in support. 


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Fastened pulleys are pulleys that keep the drum at a single point. Although the pressure required to elevate or move an item is no different than lifting it with your palms, stationary pulleys enable you to change the route of the necessary force. For instance, when attached to a bucket that draws drinking water from a properly, a stationary h2o puller makes it possible for you to pull the water sideways, lifting the bucket in a much more practical way than pulling it vertically, one hand at a time. The weight of the bucket is even now the same, but it is less difficult to raise.

China supplier Tyd Small Size Hand 3 Ton Manual Chain Hoist Pulley Block     Excellent top quality